Naturopathic Nurturing Package

The fourth trimester is such a wonderfully special time. A time for Mamas and babies to be nurtured and cared for. However, in this day and age, family are often spread far and wide and the busy pace of life can often mean the new Mama can miss out on vital nurturing and pampering in her first few days of motherhood. This can lead the new Mother to experience feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and distress. This is where Naturopathic Nurturing comes in. If you would like help recovering from child birth and support in your role as a new Mama, naturopathic nurturing is the package for you. This package can also be altered to suit Mothers who are further along their mothering journey, but feel like they need a bit of extra, personalized help to feel supported and empowered in their role as Mama.


I am a qualified and registered Naturopath and medical herbalist, with additional qualifications in Aromascience, Nannying, Early Childhood Education, as well as a postnatal doula. With 20 years of experience, through raising four children of my own and my background and experience in early childhood care, I have a passion for nurturing children and mothers using holistic, natural methods.

Naturopathic Nurturing Package $300

What you will get:

  • 3 hours (in your own home) kind, gentle, supportive nurturing and postnatal knowledge. This can include belly binding, baby massage, help with simple chores, talking over any concerns you may have etc.

  • One full Naturopathic consult, which includes a wellness plan created to support you through lifestyle, nutrition and herbal medicine.

  • Bespoke herbal tea blend to support your specific needs as a new Mama.

  • Bath blend for either you or your baby.

  • Either an aromatherapy massage blend or a nurturing ,skin cream made specifically for your needs.

  • 105ml of herbal medicine, if your situation requires it.

If this package is of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone to arrange a free 15 minute enquiry visit, to see if a Naturopathic Nurturing package is the right fit for you.

Additional hours of care can be purchased as needed. $60 per extra hour. Payment plans are available, should you require them.