Price List

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treatments and products 

90 min wellness package, $150  - This huge value for money package includes:

A comprehensive questionnaire carried out in our comfy clinic room, to get an in depth view of your health, lifestyle, nutrition and what makes you unique.

 A few days after the consult you will receive a printed plan (or PDF) that has been tailor made and unique for you and your health concern.  This wellness plan will cover areas such as; nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, herbal medicines and any relevant testing that may be of use.

You will also receive one supplement (for example this could be a bottle of tissue salts, vitamins, herbal supplement or powder) to support your health.

Either one bespoke herbal tea blend or a 100ml herbal formula depending on your preference.

Should you wish, further, more in depth testing can be done for an additional cost, to give a better understanding of your health picture, eg: DUTCH test, blood tests, allergy testing.  

Mini consult and medicine, $75- This consult is perfect for those clients who wish to target specific minor health concern such as headaches, period pain, colds, sore throats and the like, but do not wish to have a comprehensive wellness plan.  In this 45 minute consult, we will examine your symptom picture, and if necessary relevant physical exams will be carried out.  You will receive a one page mini action plan to help you on your path to increased health and wellbeing and a 105ml bottle of herbal formula, tailor made for your health concerns.  Additional teas and supplements can be purchased for an extra cost.

Child Consult (age 0-13) 1 hr $40 -  Children's consults are available and follow the same format as outlined in the initial consult but with a child friendly approach. A parent must be available to stay during their child’s appointment. Apologies, online consults are not available for children.

Online consults are available, for the same pricing and format as face to face consults (excluding physical examination). Wellness guide, supplements and herbal remedies can be posted within New Zealand for a small postage fee.

Alchemy loyalty scheme, is available for those clients who would like regular consults throughout the year. Every five visits the client is entitled to their choice of one of the following : a free personalised tea blend, bach flower remedy, or half price bespoke herbal tincture.

Bespoke Herbal Tincture, 105ml $25  -  This is a made to order liquid herbal formula, is based on your specific needs and health requirements, designed to support your health and wellbeing.

Herbal Loose Leaf Teas, $10 per 1oz bag  -  Herbal teas blended in clinic with quality dried herbs. Herbs will be chosen for their therapeutic properties, which will best support your health concerns. I can blend teas to support digestive issues, insomnia, stress etc.

Personalised Bach Flower Remedy, 60ml, $15  -  Bach flower remedies are a wonderful way to gently support your emotional health.

Practitioner Range Supplements; A range of supplements is available for purchase from Alchemy to help support your health and wellbeing. If we don't have it in stock, I will happily order it in for you. Pricing varies depending on each supplement. These are high quality supplements available for purchase only through practitioners.


Alchemy is happy to be able to provide refund on certain Southern Cross policies, naturopathic care is covered under the Body Care Module if this is part of your Southern Cross policy.